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In the Air Tonight

In The Air Tonight

When Katy attends her first formal evening event since her arrival in Briarwood Magna, she’s hoping for much more than just champagne, canapés and routine social chitchat. Her village friends are all adventurous hedonists, who love to party hard and explore all manner of steamy scenarios, and she wants to get in on the action.

Consequently, she’s thrilled when her handsome friend Mitchell touches and teases her behind the concealing ornamental hedge, and then again, inside the manor house, when she succumbs to the Lord and Lady who are fond of dark games of transgressive pleasure amongst the priceless antiques.

Most of all, though, Katy wants to thank her girl crush Sybilla for the aphrodisiac perfume the beautiful herbalist concocted for her… but she gets a big surprise when she discovers just what the scent is that’s been attracting droves of randy admiring guests to her side throughout the party.

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POSES is a wickedly steamy short story about the games that a husband and wife play…

Here’s the blurb:

Beautiful exhibitionist Mariette is the cherished wife of Jean-Paul, and he loves to show her off to his male friends and have them enjoy her company at discreet, private gatherings. He takes especial pleasure in having her photographed in a variety of tantalizing poses.

But as Mariette appears to become a willing plaything of these libidinous photographers, just who is it at this party who’s getting exactly what they want?

The men gathered around Mariette never see her secret cat-got-the-cream smile… nor do they realize the naughty game this happily devoted but adventurous pair are playing.

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Her Strict French Mistress

Her Strict French MistressA decadent short story of female power and pleasure.

When Elizabeth takes a position as personal maid to Madame Chaumier, she’s thrilled by her new employer’s grace and beauty and can’t deny her attraction to the Frenchwoman.

But Madame is a strict perfectionist, and most particular about the care of her clothes and lingerie. When Elizabeth is careless with a delicate pair of stockings, her beautiful employer corrects the fault with breathtaking rigour.

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