Professor Poole’s House of Correction

The Professor’s New Maid

profsnewmaid300hProfessor Poole’s House of Correction #1

When Alice Woodforde is dumped by her boyfriend, she’s left in a tight spot with no home and very little money. So the offer of an easy job as house maid to handsome Professor Poole seems like a gift from heaven.

But Professor Poole has a collection of vintage implements of correction, and he likes to use them. Women come to him from far and wide to be trained in the rigorous arts of discipline.

When Alice carelessly breaks a priceless vase, she too submits to her handsome employer’s arcane skills… and finds that being ‘corrected’ by the stern but sexy Professor is far more arousing and darkly pleasurable than anything she ever did with her boyfriend!

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Merissa’s First Correction

Merissa's First Correction

Professor Poole’s House of Correction #2

Merissa is a naughty, careless woman, and now she has to pay for her transgressions. She’s spilt tea on one of Professor Poole’s rare and precious books, and now it’s down to the virtuoso disciplinarian to teach her the error of her ways.

He instructs her to visit him at his posh Victorian home, so he can administer a stringent correction… ‘on the bare’!

Whoever knew that a sizzling punishment could be so very pleasurable too?

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