POSES is a wickedly steamy short story about the games that a husband and wife play…

Here’s the blurb:

Beautiful exhibitionist Mariette is the cherished wife of Jean-Paul, and he loves to show her off to his male friends and have them enjoy her company at discreet, private gatherings. He takes especial pleasure in having her photographed in a variety of tantalizing poses.

But as Mariette appears to become a willing plaything of these libidinous photographers, just who is it at this party who’s getting exactly what they want?

The men gathered around Mariette never see her secret cat-got-the-cream smile… nor do they realize the naughty game this happily devoted but adventurous pair are playing.

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She loved him, and she supposed she’d do anything for him. As long as it was something she wanted.

‘I’d like to bring some men home tonight, Mariette,’ Jean-Paul had said. ‘Friends of mine. I want to show you to them. Take a few photographs. You know the kind of thing. Then I’d like them to use you, while I watch. They’ll be arriving some time around seven.’

In the afternoon, Jean-Paul went on a shopping spree, and returned with the clothes she was to wear for the session. Everything was very pretty, very feminine, and very expensive; and Mariette wondered about how they had been chosen. Had Jean-Paul sought the assistance of some accommodating vendeuse, perhaps? A middle-aged woman, hard-faced but chic, and worldly enough to understand the protocol of matters such as these.

‘I’m sharing a woman with some acquaintances tonight, Madame,’ he might say. ‘She must look desirable, elegant, modest. She must be a gift for them. A sign of my respect for them. She must be the most exquisite, the most feminine morsel they could possibly imagine.’