What’s on Flossie’s List?

I’ve just published another new Delaney Silver short story! This one’s a naughty little FemDom BDSM tale, set in the world of the Woolstencraft Academy for Wayward Gentlewomen. Flossie the housemaid is just as wayward as any of the gentlewomen attending the academy for ‘correction’… and Madam Aurelia has to take her in hand.

I hope that at some time in the future, I will be able to publish some other stories set in this world.

Flossie’s List

The Woolstencraft Academy for Wayward Gentlewomen #1

Flighty nineteen-year-old housemaid Flossie loves her job at the Woolstencraft Academy for Wayward Gentlewomen, mainly because she adores her employer Madam Aurelia.

But Flossie has a tendency to be mischievous and careless in her duties, incurring the displeasure of her beloved Madam, who has to correct her maid with rigorous attention to glowing pink detail.

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HER STRICT FRENCH MISTRESS is now available from a variety of ebook outlets, in addition to Amazon. So, if you’d like to try this short, hot read and you don’t use a Kindle, now’s your chance! Check out the list of vendors below the description. I hope to add All Romance Ebooks shortly too.

Her Strict French Mistress

Her Strict French MistressA decadent short story of female power and pleasure.

When Elizabeth takes a position as personal maid to Madame Chaumier, she’s thrilled by her new employer’s grace and beauty and can’t deny her attraction to the Frenchwoman.

But Madame is a strict perfectionist, and most particular about the care of her clothes and lingerie. When Elizabeth is careless with a delicate pair of stockings, her beautiful employer corrects the fault with breathtaking rigour.

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Brand New Title – Divas of FemDom #2

Disciplined by his Ice-Cool DominatrixDISCIPLINED BY HIS ICE-COOL DOMINATRIX

Divas of FemDom #2

When Jonathan makes a financial mistake that costs the company thousands, it’s up to dominatrix Miranda to show him the error of his ways.

Pretty soon he’s naked on his knees, penitent and abject, while the beautiful Ice Queen subjects him to an intimate ‘correction’ by means of leather and metal and ice.

He’s her humiliated slave… but he’s loving every minute of it!

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Professor Poole is at it again!

Merissa's First CorrectionMerissa’s First Correction

This is the second story in the ‘Professor Poole’s House of Correction’ series. Merissa is one of the young women mentioned in the first story, the ones who visit the good prof for a touch of domestic discipline.


Merissa is a naughty, careless woman, and now she has to pay for her transgressions. She’s spilt tea on one of Professor Poole’s rare and precious books, and now it’s down to the virtuoso disciplinarian to teach her the error of her ways.

He instructs her to visit him at his posh Victorian home, so he can administer a stringent correction… ‘on the bare’!

Whoever knew that a sizzling punishment could be so very pleasurable too?

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Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

New Title Available Now!


The Professor’s New Maid

Professor Poole’s House of Correction #1

When Alice Woodforde is dumped by her boyfriend, she’s left in a tight spot with no home and very little money. So the offer of an easy job as house maid to handsome Professor Poole seems like a gift from heaven.

But Professor Poole has a collection of vintage implements of correction, and he likes to use them. Women come to him from far and wide to be trained in the rigorous arts of discipline.

When Alice carelessly breaks a priceless vase, she too submits to her handsome employer’s arcane skills… and finds that being ‘corrected’ by the stern but sexy Professor is far more arousing and darkly pleasurable than anything she ever did with her boyfriend!

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New title out now!

His Stern Mistress

HIS STERN MISTRESS: the beginning

A daring story of female power and male subservience.

Beautiful and confident, Anna has long been determined to explore the dominant side of her personality, and have a handsome man kneel at her feet and worship her. When she spends a night at a high end hotel, a handsome waiter there catches her eye, and his insolent nature requires some stern and rigorous correction.

David has never submitted to a woman, but when he encounters a gorgeous Diva one night in a hotel bedroom, he cannot resist her elegant power, her thrilling voice… and her unyielding dominance.

‘His Stern Mistress: the beginning’ is the first in Delaney Silver’s hot new Divas of FemDom series.